Busy days at Palmawatch & PalmaFits.

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Busy days at Palmawatch & PalmaFits.

Following a very successful appearance at the #PalmaSuperyachtShow a few weeks ago, the team at Palmawatch have been flat out busy ever since.

Due to the industry’s increasing demand for refits, and a booming sector in Palma de Mallorca, we have recently formed PalmaFits an expansion of our operations that was formally announced at the show. With this latest development, and our solid background in smaller-scale yacht refits, we aim to fulfill the demand for bigger refit projects, with our usual professionalism and attention to detail.

Palmawatch has partnered with SMC (Scillonian Marine Consultants) Ltd in the new venture, and PalmaFits will be using SMC’s external project managers to ensure that everything from the initial enquiry through to sea trials is professionally managed, with effective communications between all interconnected parties being at the core of the business.

Palmawatch MD, Pierre Oberon said, “we decided to invest in a bespoke service, which will be dedicated to the larger refit projects on yachts in the +30 metre size range. And most importantly, in order to back up our external professional project managers, we have a fully supportive team in place to provide effective communications and well-coordinated administration.“

Meanwhile the workshop and technical /engineering personnel at Palmawatch have been busy with a number of haul outs and getting yachts prepared for another cruising / sailing season around the sunny Balearic Islands.

Seen here are photos of the ultra modern Beiderdeck designed 24 metre BD80, SY Bliss –  waiting for the travel lift haul out. And the 19 metre Hanse 630e named SY Nereida. She was in for underwater works including rudder and cutlass bearing replacement, new shaft, and antifouling.

Having been in the PalmaYachtCare fleet, Nereida was sold to a new owner, who we carried out the work for.

Palmawatch are in a great situation being right inside STP with our workshop, in fact we are just a few metres from the 700 ton travel lift, based within the North Dock Marine Services Building.

Pierre Oberon confirmed, “we can’t under estimate the advantage of operating within what is probably the best ‘open shipyard’ in the Western Mediterranean, as it gives us the ability to make the best possible arrangements for hauling out our client’s yachts, and also to interact very efficiently with all the other services and products that are available in the yard. “

“However we do recognise that some owners might favour other locations for a variety of reasons, and we are quite prepared to carry out refit projects in other yards when and where necessary.”

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