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Latest yacht technology news from Palmawatch…

A revolutionary Hybrid propulsion design from Adler can get an owner across the Atlantic on a single tank of fuel with their Suprema 23.11 metre (76ft) yacht. 

With a top range of up to 3,400nm at eight knots the Adler Suprema’s HMS (Hybrid Marine Solutions) system provides owners with optimal performance at a range of speeds and fuel efficiencies. The default propulsion mode of the yacht controls the propulsion options automatically whether it uses electric, hybrid or twin diesel propulsion.

According to Adler Yachts, who are headquartered in Switzerland with construction facilities in Italy, the Suprema is first of its kind to be built with a hybrid propulsion system. The semi-displacement flybridge yacht is also the first in its category to be constructed from carbon fibre, and it is the first hybrid yacht in the world to have been built through the collaboration of expert teams in the automotive, aviation and marine sectors.

Adler’s background in the aviation industry has rooted its core principles in reliability, redundancy and safety, as well as provided an appreciation for the importance of aerodynamic efficiency. The naval architecture of the Adler Suprema’s RINA CE-A certified hull form was developed over four years, with vigorous finite element analysis optimisation involving computational fluid dynamics simulations, followed extensive tank testing in Vienna.

The yard says that the result is a yacht that provides the best possible combination of performance and seaworthiness.

Seamless transitions between propulsion modes.
A unique feature of the Adler Suprema is the seamless transition between operational modes of the HMS hybrid propulsion system; Philipp Pototschnik, CEO of Adler International explains:

“The ATE e-Units are custom-designed, high-efficiency asynchronised electric units that can work either as a motor or as a generator. They are installed on the shaft between the Caterpillar engines and the gearbox, separated by clutches. Thus, we can use the e-Units as very powerful generators for super-fast charging while the propellers are not rotating. It takes less than an hour to fully recharge the hybrid batteries, using only about 23 liters of diesel,”

“The design also allows the Caterpillar engines to work in twin diesel mode with the e-Units shut off, without loss of efficiency. What we are particularly proud of is that with this system, we can seamlessly switch between the propulsion sources: electric, twin diesel or hybrid, even under full acceleration”.
“We are very proud of what we have achieved in the Adler Suprema,” adds Pototschnik. “This is a yachtsman’s vessel, and we have done our utmost to exceed expectations wherever possible, drawing on expertise from outside of yachting to really take things to the next level. It sets the standard where others will no doubt follow.”

Palmawatch a company that keeps abreast of technology, and continuously adds to the expertise and skills within a multi-disciplined team, is pleased to share this news of innovative development from our industry. 

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