Bow & Stern Thrusters

300TT Tunnel Thrusters:  Lewmar’s TT Thrusters make docking simple. The revolutionary design of the TT propeller, the latest in Lewmar’s long history of custom thruster solutions, achieves perfectly even thrust in both directions for maximum control and manoeuvrability.

Vertical Retracting Thrusters: Manoeuvring larger vessels in the confines of a busy harbour or marina can challenge even a skilled crew. Cross winds and tides can be difficult to overcome with conventional propulsion and steering gear, particularly when mooring ‘stern to’. Lewmar Custom Thrusters can help provide additional control just when you need it, at the touch of a button or the move of a joystick.


V8 & V12 vertical windlass:

Lewmar’s largest production windlasses are respected worldwide for their performance and popularity amongst leading manufacturers.

The all stainless steel deck unit can arrive in gypsy only and gypsy drum, in left hand, right hand orientations together with a remote chain pipe configuration. The dog drive clutch, WARP drum (Wear and Abrasion Resistant Pattern) and a full range of power options including DC AC and Hydraulic ensure there is a set up for boats up to 50m. Other key features include – Independent Capstan operation. Powered or manual chain release and a wide range of metric and imperial chain gypsies are available including 22mm Studlink.


REVO Winch: Lewmar introduces a complete range of electrically operated, back winding winches. With the touch of a button, sailors are able to trim sails both in and out.

Push one button and the winch sheets in quickly to the working load limit. A well specified motor removes the added complication of switching between slow and fast forward gears.

Simply push another button to allow the winch to pay out the line.

The insertion of a winch handle automatically changes to a familiar two speed operation.

EVO® Winch Electric Conversion Kits:

Upgrade your manual winch to an electric model with the EVO® upgrade kit. The kit contains all you need to convert to an electric winch. Option for models 40 to 50 to have the contactor pre-mounted to the motor gearbox removing any complicated wiring for a tidier and easier installation. It only requires connecting the battery and the switch supplied.

Decks which are thicker than 34.4mm will need to purchase an extension kit.

HTX Blocks

Years of design and manufacturing experience coupled with collaboration with boat builders, designers and sailors have resulted in the Lewmar HTX Hardware Range. Drawing upon the design of the Racing Range, the HTX blocks are constructed simply from high quality materials, providing enhanced reliability. HTX blocks are ideal for frequently adjusted, highly loaded systems using modern line technology and reduced line diameters

Steering Systems

Integra drive: The Integra drive is available in three formats. The Constellation, Cobra and Mamba versions mount directly inside the Integra pedestal. This unique installation is only available from Lewmar and provides the installer with a simple and quick installation with no complicated, labour intensive mounting platforms required. We also offer an Integra Sprocket version, which is very popular with Bavaria Cruising yachts from 9m to 12m (30ft to 39ft) in length.

Bearing Top Single Roller with Thrust Race 50: Quick release deck cover, using winch handle for emergency tiller available for top bearings. Exceptionally low friction co-efficient, typically 1/10 of a plain or plastic bearing. Produces light & responsive rudder reaction, due to reduced friction. Virtually no backlash between rudder stock & bearing

Very low achievable clearance – .05mm. Low bearing surface wear equals long life of rudder stock. Simple installation with small misalignment self-compensated. Easy service & repair should this ever be required.

Integra Pedestal: The Integra pedestal is the latest in Lewmar’s range of integrated pedestal steering systems. The Integra offers quick and easy above deck access to fit Lewmar’s patented autopilot drive motor.  The Integra pedestal can be found fitted to many production boats around the world such as Southerly Yachts and Delphia. All Integra Cobra pedestal have the ability to install an integrated autopilot drive.

Deck Hatches

Control of light and ventilation is key to cabin temperature and to your comfort below deck.

Lewmar’s comprehensive range of hatches and portlights offers a solution, whether on a small day boat or superyacht. Combining years of manufacturing experience with the latest in design trends, the Hatch and Portlight Range bears all the features you have come to expect of a high-quality Lewmar product.


Its unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta® anchor self-launching. The low centre of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta® anchor will set immediately. Consistent and reliable in performance, the Delta® anchor has Lloyd’s Register General Approval of an Anchor Design as a High Holding Power anchor and is specified as the primary anchor used by numerous National Lifeboat organisations. Also available in premium grade Duplex/High Tensile stainless steel.

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