The haul out and antifouling season is here…

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The haul out and antifouling season is here…

April-May-June is the time to apply some fresh new coats of antifouling!

Palmawatch are the antifouling specialists in Mallorca…

Antifouling is usually the last job before the splash, and the one that demands total confidence in your chosen coatings application contractor. The application of an effective antifouling has to be a quality controlled preparation and application process, which will provide totally reliable long-term performance. And being almost invisible for long periods below the water line, it’s a job that really demands trust in the applicator.

Palmawatch have a long and reliable track record in applying antifoulings, including multi-coat systems and barrier coats, and the all-important thorough surface preparation.

We offer 10 % discount on antifouling material and application labour for paint to be applied during the months of May and June. Reservations must be made before 15th of April. 12% discount if the application requires sandblasting and full treatment (primer and barrier coats). We apply the complete ranges of products from the brands of International Paints, Seajet and Propspeed. We also apply Copper Coating.

It is also the time to check, service, replace seacocks and thru-hull fittings. We stock bronze and CR brass valves and fittings.

For more details and captain’s references about Palmawatch click HERE.

 Antifouling enquiries by E.mail to: info@palmawatch.test

Tel: (+34) 871 932 249


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